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04. Informal dialogue - Hi, how are you? Ahoj, jak se máš?

Learn CZECHwithME, Learn Czech with Lenka!

Learn Czech with Me

My rule number one could be “Don’t get discouraged”. You might have heard that mastering Czech is a never ending story and the language is too complicated to learn. To be honest, Czech is not an easy language and it is a bit of a challenge to understand it. But on the other hand, it is not impossible. I have met many foreigners who speak Czech really well. Yes, it took them some time and it needed some extra effort. But if they succeeded, you can too.

I can offer you Czech classes that you will enjoy and I can assure you that we will have a lot of fun. I use many pictures and other materials that will help you memorize new vocabulary and understand Czech grammar. I will try to make the classes as enjoyable as possible. Of course you will make mistakes but it is a part of the learning process. I am extremely patient and I am ready to help you anytime.

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