Tuition & Pricelist

What can you get?

You can get a very patient and friendly teacher who will do her best to help you speak and understand Czech. I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed but I also want you to be focused and determined. Your progress is our mutual goal.

My way of teaching

I always try to accommodate the classes to student’s needs and preferences. Please, tell me what you need and what your goals are. Then we can focus on the target together. We can read texts, translate songs, play games or watch movies. We will do just anything to help you embrace Czech.

What will you learn?

At the very beginning you will learn the basics like greetings, objects around you, food, clothes, body parts etc. Then we will have to add some basic grammar and some useful everyday phrases and then the tricks of declension and conjugation. We will take little steps but always forwards.

My goal

My first goal is to teach you words and phrases of everyday life. Practical language that will help you orientate yourself in the Czech environment. My second goal is to refine the language so you can communicate easily. And finally, my third goal is to teach you as much as you want to know.

Types of classes

One to one
Tutor + 1 student

Group Classes
Tutor + 4 students


60 minutes: 300 CZK
90 minutes: 400 CZK

According to the intricacy of Czech language, I strongly recommend you taking classes longer than 1 hour or at least two classes weekly.

Other services


I also provide Skype lessons.